We are the supplier of all the recognized OEM brands to the aftermarket

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We have 44,000 active parts to choose from and these are housed in our warehouse of 12,000 square meters. Our goal is to maintain our current levels of availability at 95% at first pick to ensure that you have the right part, the first time, at the right time, at the right price.

Engineparts Turbo Chargers  strives to be the supplier of choice for all your automotive aftermarket needs.
With 65 000 line items in our 12,000 m2 warehouse, Engineparts Turbo Chargers is your 1-Stop Shop in all your Aftermarket Engine Parts, Turbo Chargers, Filtration, Clutches, Control Cables, Shock Absorbers and Protector Kits, Steering and Suspension, Drive Train, Cooling Parts, Electrical, Ignition, Brakes, Batteries and Accessories.

Delivery Drop boxes
Km per day

Every night our deliveries are despatched and the total distance travelled to deliver to our customers are a staggering 16,730 Km per day, which is made up of 1,600 parcels to 1,200 destinations in South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia. All deliveries are done by 10.00 am the next morning except for Namibia which is delivered by 13.00 pm.
Engineparts with its unique delivery infrastructure cover South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia from A to Z daily.

South Africa and Lesotho

unique delivery infrastructure